Eriadorian Carpenter

A Craftsman or Artisan is a person trained and specialized in a distinct craft.Crafts are usually organised in Guilds for example the Mîrdain (Jewelsmiths) or Celerdain (Lampmakers).

A craftsman can be a boat-builder, Builder,Bowyer, Fletcher, Brewer, Bakerman, Dyer, Butcher, Tanner, Furrier, Glassblower, Brick-Layer, Armourer, Saddler, Shoemaker, Tailor, Wright, Carpenter, Wainwright, Sailmaker, Roofer, Roper, Potter, Weaver, Tinner, Cooper, Tattooer, Polisher, Clockmaker, Gardener, Mechanic, Miner, Smith, Shipwright, Tinker, Toolmaker or Stonemason among many other crafts.

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Craftsmen of Renown


The Craftsman is a playable Profession or Class in Rolemaster and LOTRRPG.Rolemaster also has different kinds of craft-related Professions: Artisan, Constructor, Crafter, Delver, Engineer, Professional, Tinker.LOTR RPG has the Elite-Order Artificer.In MERP several craftsman professions may be developed by choosing a Civillian profession and adding the needed skills.

other Titles and terms for craftsmen

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