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The Covshek-Pûst were nomadic clans of Sandmen, desert nomads, wandering the Mirror of Fire.

The Covshek-Pûst told many legends about the Mirror of Fire, the lifeless stone plain upon whose barely habitable edges they made out their existence. The greatest of these tales concerned Fuinur's Well, a site of primeval power rumored to lie deep within the uncharted reaches of the fiery plateau .

According to Covsheki folklore, Fuinur Stormheart, an ancient Black Númenórean lord, once braved the alien landscape of the Mirror in search of the "living waters" said to course beneath a great mountain that rose at its center. Here Fuinur sunk his well, and was never heard from again. Some said that he had conquered death, and lived still in a great subterranean throne room far below the blasted surface of the Mirror. Though none among the desert nomads had ever ventured so far into the perilous and inaccessible wasteland to behold Fuinur's mountain or his storied well, their lore concerning it actually contained much that was true. The Mirror of Fire was, in fact, all that remained of the Great central,island on the ancient Lake of Almaren, first dwelling place of the Valar within Ambar in the beginning of the world. This island and its surrounding lake were annihilated by the destroying flames of Ormal, one of the two Great Lamps that once lit the world before the Sun and Moon or the Two Trees. Forsaking Almaren for the Undying Lands of Aman, the Valar abandoned the primal waters of this lake to the consuming flames of Melkor's wrath. Many of it's waters however, survived the cataclysm, continuing to run in caverns deep beneath the stony surface of the dead lake-bed. While the Covshek-pust had learned to Up the outlying veins of these waters, none had drunk of the streams that coarsed beneath the heart of the Mirror, beneath the mountainous wreckage of Almaren itself. These waters, which still contained echoes of the First Spring of Arda, possessed virtues beyond mortal comprehension. Imbued with the unsullied vitality of the primeval paradise of the gods, the waters of Fuinur's Well manifested potent healing and lifekeeping properties.

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