The Kingdom of Nogrod had since the First Age an established Royal Council where only a few advisors were active and served the King on matters of clan management and economy. And it was the King himself whom did all of the decision making, but this form changed when Khargôz of the Stormbeard Clan was elected High-Councillor.


Khargôz was from young age chosen by royal-decree to be part of the Royal Council and learn the ways of dwarven society and politics. King Grumni was the best friend of Khargôz's father Thavric and his family had supported the crown for several decades in the art of craftsmanship using the Stormforge. And Grumni felt he should return the favor by assigning Khargôz to the Royal Council and to have skilled and reliable kinsmen at his back whilst running the Kingdom in the future.

Khargôz rose to power quite fast mastering politics and problemsolving local business by viewing each case from several perspectives, gaining trust and respect by the other advisors and the commonfolk. At the age of 70 he was one of the senior members of the Council, but there was still a problem with how politics were handled. He didn't have the complete power or reach to carry out decisions on short terms considering the King allways had the final word.

So by the time Khargôz was elected High-Councillor, he had mapped out a plan and proposal to the King on how to run the Kingdom by dividing the power between different departments and divisions. Where each department were focused on ceratin types of politics, such as economy, industry and military.

Grumni was fully supporting this new political structure, but since most of the other council members disagreed and advised against it, it was temporarily cancelled. But Grumni had privately told Khargôz he had permission to start his own organization for the time being and to structure it the way he had planned it. Which allowed Khargôz to keep his position as High-Councillor whilst having new special rights and abilities signed by a royal-decree allowing him to take decisions without the King's consent or presence.

King Grumni promised to instate this new structure if it deemed itself successful.

Khargôz founded the Council of Dunborim, located in his household with suitable chambers for departments of different kinds and a council hall with room for ten times the amount of members belonging to the Royal Council. The council hall had several levels, for the new recruits at the very back, advisors, nobles, officers and councillors at the very front.

To be continued...

Political Structure


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