The rise of the Reunited Kingdom established a new and prosperous sea-trade between the coastal lands of Ahâralai and the northern lands of Aphôrothân, with the new wealth and economical power of the great havens such as Dalflôni, Gabilôni, Pandarbalûk, Tôlananrôth and Umarkadar however also greed arose among many of the lords of former gondorian coastal provinces in Ananras, Anansakal, Zaradrûlai, Nanahârê and Entêlai, many of whom turned secretly to the ways of piracy, smuggling and sea-raid. These Corsair-Princes never were an organised alliance but rather a collection of small fiefs and petty principalies who used their official affiliation to the reunited kingdom as a cover for their actions.


Original form in MEPBM: Pirates of Belfalas

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