A Conjurer of cheap Tricks

In Middle-Earth a Conjurer was a person who conjures magic but most often it had the connotation of a travelling Wizard, Summoner, Charlatan, or impostor.


Conjurer is a playable profession in MERP and Rolemaster.Rolemaster also has the similar professions:Charlatan, Crystal Mage, Dabbler,Gypsy, Illusionist, Mentalist, Miracle Worker, Mountebank, Summoner and Tarot Mage.


In Roleplaying Conjurer may also refer to:


Conjurer originally meant "to bind by Oath" or "one who swears together", the idea was a person who made some sort of quasi-judicial contract with a spirit, deity or other supernatural power, later it changed it's meaning into "one who plots or excorcises", "one who conspires" and finally "One who Invokes".


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