Coleth or Aithe, was the mother of Gil-Galad and the wife of Fingon. During the Wars of Beleriand, she gave birth to Gil-Galad around 450 of the First Age. During the time of Dagor Bragollach, Fingon decided to send his beloved wife with his son to the Falas. After the Falas fell, Coleth, Cirdan, and Gil-Galad relocated to the Isle of Balar.

During the War of Wrath, Coleth stayed behind and eventually went with her son to Lindon after the destruction of Beleriand. She was a good supporter of Gil-Galad and she witnessed many events during the Second Age, but she ultimately departed Middle Earth after the Second Age, having mourned the loss of her son and husband--she left middle earth and was forgiven by the Valar.

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