The Cold Mother (Kh."Niki-amad") was a benign being from the myths of the Dûrgana-Dwarves of Southernesse.According to their legends she had once ruled the Walking Ice.Most likely she was one of the Ainur, a spirit of Cold.The Dûrgana believed her to be a servant of Mahals wife Kehil (Yavanna) and the sister of the seven Stars known as the Remmirath who had stayed on Ambar while her sisters were sent to the sky by Igmilit (Varda).The Old Ones believed that the Cold Mother ruled the morning frost and sometimes would appear in form of a great white Seal on the the southern oceans horizon.


Inspired by:Middle-Earth Down Under: An Antipodean Campaign by Norman Talbot (Department of English, The University of Newcastle, University Drive, Callaghan, Newcastle, NSW 2308, Australia) ©1994 Norman Talbot; first published in Other Hands 4.n

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