The Clan of Slaymen were one of the low-clans of the city of Unsibiabaurg on the borders of Wilderland.

They existed as a covert sub-group within the local Cult of the Passing and were essentially a group of murderers. They exacted retribution on behalf of folk who had not been paid the proper headprice (Rh. "Haubudagelda"), or who had some need for an assassination or vengeful killing. The slaymen that were found here shared one principle: they asked no questions regarding the nature of their customer. Their only concern was that their victims had to be eligible for such a slaying under Northman customs. Any man who had committed, or was responsible for, an act which might justify revenge was eligible as a target. Slaymen were disinterested in the politics.

There were, however, practical barriers that they carefully respected. The Mage had forbidden the slaymen to act on behalf of the low-clans or guilds, restricting them to killing for reasons rooted in blood-disputes or economic revenge. In addition, the Cult of Slaymen would never undertake a task which threatened their own association. A row of buildings served as the home of the slaymen. While ruthless and deadly, they tended to be a quiet, dour breed while pursuing their daily chores, men and women who were virtually indistinguishable from other folk when they were out on Flagon Lane or Nightsingers Way. Wise men, of course, knew better.

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