Cirissë Menelrána (sw Av."Chrys-Minilrân") was Last of the founding six of the Guild of Elements. He was an exiled Noldo lord who had learned much of forging in the Undying Lands and created many artifacts for the guild and constructs outposts to watch over the holds of Ardor.During the attack of the Luingon Alliance upon the citadel he confronted Valmornólë in the access-way to the main chambers of the Ritual.Fortunately for him, Cirissë had much more to do than pursuing his foe and so survived the incident - though he swore eternal enmity to Cirissë and all his family.Cirissë, however, saw farther than most and perceived the danger of Ardor rising again. Early in the Second Age he supervised the construction of nine secret places, each adjacent to one of the now abandoned places of Ardor, with secret access to those holds. He thus founded the organization known as simply "The Watchers" to man the installations and monitor any activities of remnants of the Court - to ensure that it did not rise again.In S.A. 510 Cirissë departed for the Undying Lands.


Original name in MERP: Chrys Menelrana = Chrys-Minilrân = Cirissë Menelrána


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