Cirdan the Shipwright

One of the wisest and most heroic in spirit of all the Elves, Cirdan the Shipwright (born Nowë) was an Elf of the Teleri, of the kindred of the Sindar. He stayed in Middle-earth on the shores of the Falas at the urging of the Maia Osse. Cirdan and his people were thus called the Falathrim ("Coast Dwellers"). Cirdan was both a great mariner and shipwright. Cirdan avoided all of the terrible quarrels between the Noldor and Sindar. He was close to Elwe and Finrod. Most often he guarded the coasts from any naval assault issued from Angband. He was on the field of battle at least once when he led a seaborne force to relieve Fingon dangerously beleagured in Hithlum. He was entrusted with the Elvish ring of power Narya the Great, the Ring of Fire (later given by him to Gandalf). Cirdan was in the host with Gil-galad at the side of the last King of Lindon, and sorrowed as Gil-galad fell before Sauron. In the First Age, Cirdan dwelt in the Falas until it was overun. Then he remained hidden with his people on the Isle of Balar. During the Second and Third Ages Cirdan was Lord of the Grey Havens, where he supervised the construction of many great ships. At the end, he sailed West himself on the last ship to leave Endor. He was a member of the White Council and was revered for his legendary wisdom. His ships were among the finest ever built, white in color.


Cirdan was tall (7'4"), with silver-white hair. He had a most unusual physical trait for an Elfin that by the end of the Third Age he began to look old and grew a long beard.


  • Ciryatan
  • Nowë



  • Amulet of sea-mastery (N)
  • Bracers (Ossanna) (N)
  • Sphere (Gaergil) (N)
  • Ring (Sûlrostur) (N) - Possibly the most canonical of the non-canon items.
  • War Hammer (N)
  • Full Shield (N)
  • Heavy Crossbow (N)
  • Armor (Gaerennon) (N)
  • Longbow (N)
  • Spear (N)
  • swan-brooch


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