The Sheltered Home

Chelkar (Har. ‘Sheltered Home’) was an upland region of Near Harad in the northeast bordering Harondor, Núrn, and Khand, and the river Ode Auchel ran through the region. The region was so named as the proximity of the Ephel Dúath meant the climate was mild compared to the rest of Near Harad. The Chelkar was centered on the river called the Ode Auchel, draining all the lands south of the Auducar Núrn and north of the rugged hills of the Ausk Dubat. The Ode Auchel was a lesser river than the Ode Pezar or the Harnen. Its green valleys were narrow, bordered by rolling hills and supporting small towns. A number of small streams flew into the Ode Auchel from the mountains, providing water to support riverine woodlands and herds of sheep, cattle, and goats. The streams also cut ravines that unmasked ores and minerals for the miner. Part of the Realm of Ard in the late Second Age, the Chelkar lay beyond the eastern bounds of Harondor during the Gondorian dominion over Near Harad in the mid-Third Age. When it was not troubled by Variag raids from the east or the ambitions of its own tarbs, the Chelkar was a reasonably prosperous realm placed at a meeting of many worlds. Depending on the whims of local rulers, Gondorians, Umbareans, Variags, Chey, Orcs, and minions of the Morgûl-realm might walk here on equal terms.

Places of Note

Bogath Ershawar Gizar Kas Auchel Korb Chelkar Kupsha Lugarlur Oud Ilaz Tirith Amrûn


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