Channeling (Q. "Celmacarya") was a kind of magic which depended on higher powers such as the Valar which were called upon or rather The realm of Channeling refered to the demiurgic activity of the Valar and Maiar, and its energy derived specifically from the Essence with which they had imbued the substance of Arda. Channeling was used mainly by priests, monks ,healers and mystics.Evil channelers called upon the dark Lords or rather tapped the substance of Arda marred.Melkor, originally the most powerful of the Valar, corrupted all physical matter with his Morifaire (Q. "Dark Essence"), and from this element his servants were able to work wicked sorcery and black magics. The Elves often refered to Dark Essence as the Mordo (Q. "Shadow;" lit. "Taint"). 


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