Cenic Locen lay in a mountain valley about five miles west of the spring that spawned the river Celos.The "Cenic" was an ancient religious site, as well the resting place of the Daen Chieftain Om-Locen. Fifteen Cenic barrows and seven lesser oval barrows covered a rise in the middle of the broad Locen valley (D. "Cûm Locen"). They encircled a smaller artificial hill, a round hillock that crowned the rise and appeared like a giant barrow.

Just north of Cenic Locen was a tiny village that bore the same name. Obscurred from the religious site by a small pine wood, it was a quiet community Of stone huts shaped much like bee-hives. These huts Were characterized by open doorways and an opening in the center of their domed roofs. The opening served as a vent hole, letting out smoke rising from the small hearth below. The inhabitants of this ancient village were Daen people who appeared to be living in the manner Of their Second Age brethren. Their Danan Lin language defied the best linguist, and would have defeat most later Dunman. They spoke no other languages, and they dressed in a most archaic fashion. They were ghosts, spirits Of people killed by a Strange shadowy cloud which descended upon their village long ago, They died so quickly, painlessly and without warning that in truth, they were not aware that they were dead. As they were in life, they remained cordial and hospitable to anyone appearing to offer friendship to them. They were sadly. unaware Of how much their inner beings craved the company Of living creatures, for they fed upon the living essence of their rare visitors —- whether animal or human.

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