Celegorm the Fair
(S."Hasty-riser"; Q." Tyelkormo") was a Noldo prince, the third son of Feanor.

He was very fair to behold and accounted among the close followers of the Vala Orome. He became the most woodcrafty of all the Noldo Elves. He was also—initially at least—valiant, for he played a heroic part in the first battle against Angband. The great hound Huan gave his loyalty to Celegorm. However, it was Celegorm and his closest friend and ally Curufin who were most severely affected by the Oath of Feanor. They became cunning and evil, greedy and proud. Both grew unable to tell friend from foe. Huan left Celegorm to aid Beren and Luthien, twice even frustrating Celegorm's attempts to abduct Luthien, and helping her to escape when the twisted Celegorm finally suceeded. Celegorm's greatest evil was done when he attempted to steal the Silmaril-bearing Nauglamir from Menegroth. There Celegorm was slain by Dior, Thingol's heir.


Animal Companion


  • strong and athletic
  • fair hair (light brown to reddish)
  • fair skin


  • Celecormë
  • Turcafinwë (father-name)
  • Tyelkormo (mother-name)
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