Celeborn the Wise


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The son of Galadhon and a kinsman of Elu Thingol, Celeborn the Wise (S."Silver-Tall"; Q."Teleporno") was a Teler (Sinda) of royal blood.His first encounter with Galadriel followed an odyssee that brought the couple from Alqualonde to Doriath where both eventually married. After the fall of Beleriand, Celeborn and Galadriel went east of the Blue Mountains and established the realm of Evendim until they departed to Eregion. With his wife, he ruled until Celebrimbor led a bloodless uprising against them. Galadriel departed for Lorinand, but Celeborn stayed behind in Eregion, refusing to pass through the Dwarven City. He remained there for many years, living in a fortified country house, taking no part in the affairs of Ost-in-Edhil. Although Celeborn's history was not so illustrious as Galadriel's, he was accounted wise, even among the Eldar, having lived for many thousands of years and seen much of both good and evil. After Sauron's fall Galadriel departed to the West while her husband left Lórien and settled down in Imladris where he ruled with the sons of Elrond.It remains unknown if he and his wife ever reunified.


-tall (c. 6'4)
-long, silver-white hair


  • Arafain
  • Aran
  • Galathir
  • Galdaran
  • Keleborn
  • Tar
  • Teleporno


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