The Fortress Ceber Fanuifuin (Overview)

Ceber Fanuifuin (S."Spike of the Cloudy Night") was a series of three towers rising from jutting jagged peak found in the heart of southern Mirkwood.  The towers themselves appeared as almost natural-looking spires of rock.  Most men, leery of the Lady of the Golden Wood, and even more fearful of Dol Guldur shunned this land and were largely unaware of this habitation that had existed within three days march of Dol Guldur for ages.  Those who catched rumor of the place said that it was made when the Ent-wives made the Brown Lands a garden for their delight.  Now it was drear and its inhabitants secretive.  It's putative lord was Huinë, a Noldo Elf who some claimed was a mad and capering fool.  Others claimed to have met a lord of piercing eye and commanding stature who bound their wounds and set them safely on the verge of the wood far from whence they were.



Later times

The island and fortress was later given up by it's former masters and fell into ruins.By TA 2950 the place had been resettled by a tribe of Woodmen.


Original form in MERP:Ceber Fanuin

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