Hogo Tarosvan Terrain Map

Hogo Tarosvan (Dn."Phantom Doors") was the Danan Lin name given to an ancient Daen Coentis burial site in the White Mountains, which lay some ten miles northeast of the town of Ossarnen in Lamedon.The original name for this site was not remembered by the Danan Lin, but its ancient significance seemed to have derived from its association with the then veneration of Sauron as a servant of Aule. Whether this association was present when the site first began to function as a burial ground , or whether it was a later development as a consequence of the withdrawal of the Oathbreakers into the mountains, was unclear. Whatever its origins may have been, Hogo Tarosvan functioned as a community of living Oathbreakers a s late as the middle of the seventeenth century of the Third Age.The burial field of Hogo Tarosvan rested atop a precipitous butte of blue granite , whose southward lace was punctuated with seven cavernous maws from which issued the headwaters of the Nen Galen, one of the four main tributaries that joined to form the Ciril in Lamedon.These caves, whose natural dimensions were expanded when the Sauronic sanctuary was delved, were used by the Oathbreakers as a fortified refuge. I t was these caves which gave the site its Daenael name.


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