"Timber Wolf" usually refers to a specific northamerican sub-type of wolf, however the Eriadorian "Forest wolf" almost certainly refers to the Eurasian Wolf while the Red Wolves Brown Wolves and Mountain Wolves might be identical with the "italian wolf", "Mosbach wolf" "falconer's wolf", "iberian Wolf" or even "Xenocynon".The Dark wolves also most possibly are identical to one of these groups and do not correspond to the american "Dire Wolf". The White-wolf almost certainly is the "Tundra Wolf" or the "Greenland wolf" and the Warg might be the "Megafaunal Wolf" or "Cave Wolf" while the Blood Wolves might intend the "Ethiopian Wolf" or "african golden wolf".The eastern "Desert Wolf" and "Bûkandas wolf" might correspond to the "indian", "mongolian" or "steppe wolf" or "golden Jackal", though they are not described in detail

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