The Valarindi (or Vanimar Q."Beautiful Ones") were the Children of the Valar.

As incorporeal eternal beings Valar usually did not give birth to children, as such the term Valarindë is often assigned to the Valar's highest Servants, their spiritual Children.

Known Valarindi:

The Dwarves were also often known as Children of Aule and Ents as "Children of Yavanna.


The MERP Module Court of Ardor an odd Tale is told in which the fallen Elf Ardana gave birth to two unholy Children of Melkor, Moran and Morelen. Morelen was raised to be sacrificed in order to bring Morgoth back into the world, while Moran was thought to be dead. The Guild of Elements found Moran and raised him. Trained in the arts of battle and most likely magic, Moran became a deadly being who eventually took the life of his mother. A pure warrior and noble to the core--Moran was everything that his father Morgoth should have been! 

It is unknown what occurred after the slaying of his mother. He could have stayed in middle earth and caused all sorts of problems for Sauron (given part Vala and many of the evil spells that Ardana could cast couldn't work on him), or he could have possibly sailed west and took the place of his father in Valinor which is a more likely scenario given that Sauron took over the southern part of middle-earth, but anything is possible--perhaps he went to the north and started preparing a host of Maiarindi for the final conflict against his father in the last song. Whatever the future holds for Moran, it is assumed that he fulfilled his role as the first Valarindi!

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