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[[File:Uruks3.jpg|thumb|346px|Fighting Uruk-Hai]]The '''Uruk-Hai''' or '''Black Uruks''' were the most feared and formidable breed of the [[greater Orcs]]. The Breed was first introduced by [[Sauron]] in 2475 TA when Black Uruks of [[Mordor]] assaulted [[Ithilien]]. Later however during the [[war of the ring]] an improved breed of [[Uruk]] was introduced by [[Saruman]]. Predecessors and Prototypes of the Uruk-Hai Breed however were employed on and off long before, [[Great Goblin]]s and Huge Orcs as [[Azog]] and [[Bolg]] were often thought to have been descendants of these early Kû-Uruks.[[File:Uruks.jpg|thumb|Uruk-Hai in LOTRO]]
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*Dûr-edain: High-Man-Uruk-Hai Crossbreed of Isengard
*Drû-Uruks: Wild Man-Snaga-Uruk-Hai Crossbreed of Isengard
*feral Uruk-Hai: savaged, wild Uruk-Hai, probably descendants of uncontrolled breeding or Uruks escaped from Sauron´s pits
*[[Gusmûras]]:intermediate form or crossbreed of early Uruk and lesser Orc
*Kû-Uruk: elder bloodlines of [[Greater Orcs]] or [[Hobgoblins]] before the first black Uruks of mordor appeared, who were supposedly bred from the elder Kû-Uruk strain which appeared about TA 1600.
*Mordor Uruk-Hai or black Uruks: the Uruk-Hai of Sauron, introduced in TA 2475
*[[Scara-Hai]]: a tribe of early Uruks with [[shapeshifting]] ability (Uruk-[[Werewolf]] Crossbreeds)
*Fighting Uruk-Hai or Great Uruks (Uruk-Hai perfected): the late Uruk Breed of Isengard, Uruk-Hai with traces of [[Goblin-man]]-blood, fully immune to sunlight but unable to see in the dark
*Uruk-Warg-Riders: a smaller breed of perfected Uruk-Hai or Half-Orcs employed as elite-[[Wargriders]] see [[Sharkû the Orc]]
==Uruks of renown==
[[File:Uruks2.jpg|thumb|400px|Uruk-Hai in the Movie Trilogy]]
===Mordor Uruks===
[[Argdush]] [[Bolingul]] [[Gorbag]] [[Gordmúl]] [[Lagduf]] [[Murgash]] [[Muzgash]] [[Radbug]] [[Shagrat]]
===Isengard Uruks===
[[Flizpot]] [[Grimbosh]] [[Lugdush]] [[Lurtz]] [[Mauhúr]] [[Móg]] [[Sharku]] [[Thrugg]] [[Uglúk]] [[Vraskú]]
The Uruk-Hai may have been bred out of captured and magically altered [[Dúnedain]] and [[Black Númenoreans]].
<nowiki> </nowiki>Alternatively, they could be the much worn-down descendants of Boldogs, having been bred with ordinary Orcs so many times that they were shadows of their ancestors. They could also be a combination of the two, being descended from both the [[Black Númenoreans|Númenoreans]] and Boldogs. In fact, considering how different the Uruk-hai of Isengard seem to be from the Uruk-hai of Mordor (one example being that the Uruk-hai of Isengard cannot see as well during daylight), it's possible that different Uruk-hai have different amounts of diverse ancestry, For example, the Isengard Uruk-hai are perhaps more human in ancestry, or at least ''less magically altered'' human ancestry (in contrast from Uruk-hai who are presumably descended from either magically altered humans, Boldogs, or both), which may suggest that Isengard Uruk-hai aren't in fact pure Uruk-hai, if there were even such a thing, and would count more as Dur-Edan half-Orcs.
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