Rávatser (Q. "Untamed Ones"; sing. "Rávasse") constituted all the amphibians and reptiles. These creatures included the Angwi (Q. "Snakes"; sing. "Ango"), the Angassar (Q. "Crocodiles"; sing. "Angassa"; lit. "Ironmouths"), the Lencalancor (Q. "Lizards"; sing. "Lencalanco"; lit. "Loosethroats"), the Hyalmacoacer (Q. "Turtles"; sing. "Hyalmacoace"; lit. "Shell-toads"), and the Koakar(Q. "Frogs"; sing. "Koaka"), etc. Closest to the Oromë's Maia servant Leukë, they were cold-blooded beasts that layed eggs and were often confused with monsters (Q. "Ulundor").

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