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Potions,Draughts & Elixirs

Alanda Ancalthur Adit i Raf Arbo'ol Arkasu Bandas Bastas Belanas Belmirnen Body Swap Potion Bombadil's draught Bulkal Bûrdrasak Burn Powder Camadarch Caryopha Cirelnen clopatos Corlaiqa Danef Del’s Dwarven Spirits   Draught of Everworth Draught of living death dream draught drops of valinor drouli edledhim Edras Elderberry Cordial Ent-draughts Eye of the Newt Findirciel Finthien Fladuciel Flúr Rort Fumell Fruit draught Ganik am Hôlg Ghoslam Gildarion Grarug Greenleaf Tea grief draught Gurmir Hair of Dog Harlindar Haruella Haunted dust Healer's caustic Healing Draught Health Potion herb draught Hirvia Humbolg Hwestene Iarnin invisibility potion Ithilnen Ithilien Water Jablou Krakoz Lathlasse Lhugruth Limpë Lindir's Cordial love potion Maiana Margath Meluinzil Mildong Mîr galen Mirlothnen Mirubhôze Miruvor Morgurth Muilfana Myranis Myrista Naphta Naurnen Nen Calgalen Nes Ngaelen Nimfiara-Horn nut draught Olvardil Olviale Orc-Draughts Orc liquor Orc Medicine Pasamar Broth Potion Pelenaur Phoroz Potion of Catatonic Potion if Clairvoyance potion of Heal Potion of Prowess Potion of Redemption Potion of Reduction Potion of Strength Reka Roasting Tenderizer Rorkandis Rotgut Rumareth Sauronic blood Seckis Sereghala Seregmor shloumz Shrinking water Silaren Siriena Broth Sleg slime of orthanc Spiced Blood Spirit Essence starlight draught Sundew Tea Tansur Thengol stone thrang Thurlin Tincture of Lebethron Bark tongkun Tongue of Frog Uinia Viper's blood Venom of dispair Venom of fortitude Venom of vigor Wartstone-potion Waters of Fire Waters of lorien wek-bas wind draught Wings of the Woodsprite Witch Milk Worgaz Worlclivur Wuchyga Yaku Yellow-flower Infusion Yllas Yrncielin Yuldar Maile Yuldar Vic Zarklug


Adamantite Aeglos Aegloth Alaf Alalmë Alalmino Albë Alvë Alcohol Alda Amber Ambergrease Amethyst Angbor Antimony Applewood Arnor mushroom Asëa aranion Ash of Gorgoroth Azoth Bane dust Bat's wing Bereth Blackened Beaks Black blood Black earth Black Pearls Blood Bloodwood Blue dust Bone Bone ash Bredele Brethil Bril Brimstone bringlast Bruinenwater Calca Castor Caustic mucus Cherry Cilin Cinnamon Cliffhanger's flower Coalsour chalk Codorn Cold cave dragon Copper Criscolas Culan rye Culmîrë Culumalda Culus Curry pows Cwithwiros Dandelion Death dust Deldron Demon's bones Diamond Dirt Dogwood Dragonblood Dragonblood resin Dragonbone Dragonhorn Dragonscale Ebony Ecthelorn Edhelharn Egg Elm Emerald Entbark Entwash Water Entwater Entwife pollen ercassë ercë ereg eregdos extath Eye of newt fêr feren ferne Fiveleaf Frog´s spit galadlóriel galathilion gelbreth gargoyle claws Garlic gildar glint Gold Gorgoroth ash Guldur Dust Grapeleaf grave dust gronthorn guratu sap Hair of Dog harlindar grass Haunted dust highland barley himros aloe sap holly hóre horn of the Wild kine of Araw Horn Hornbark horsehair hot brazier ash huorn pollen hyellë imirë iron kalak kelonia powder king's water kulmarin lailekse lalf lalorn lalm lalwen lamorni larm laurë lead lebethron lhugruth Limlight water linquemîr Lizard´s toes loloth Lon-Tiefil Loudwater mist mahagony Maia embers maia fir Needles malatsar malicon malinalda mallorn malta malthorn mandrake Man's Wort maril Marsh leeches melthinorn meteor piece mistletoe meteoric iron Mewlip teeth milpialda Milt Mithril moonstone Morgul decay morgul loam Morgulblossom Morgulthorns Morgûlwater Moria gold Moqueshel Múco musk nastalaima neldor Nightshade nimfiara Nimordel Air Nimrodel dim nisimalda noble-white nutmeg oak Obsidian Ólin Orc spit Orc blood organza orvamîr ostimmir paltalda paltyalda pasamar pearls pearl ash Pig Iron Piglin pine piopin piosenna purpleheart quicklime quicksilver quilmufur rat's brain Rhudaur roots Red Aerth red stone red willow red wine rêg reglen regorn relyávaldar relyávë riverstones rodëol Ruby rumareth grass rust Rusts of Moria saffron salab salamander oil salt sánë Sauron's Ashes Sauronic blood sempios seregon Serpent scales shanku-nut flour Shelob slime silef Silver sinc sincli sintl siriena Slime of Orthanc sona sonanel Spider silk spider web splayfoot stibnite stona sulphur sunstone talqë tambë tasarë tasarin tathar lemon juice thaun Thengol stone thôn tin tinwirë toad eye toad-stone Toadstool Troll-dung troll-stone Troll-tusk tulus turtle slobber tyulusseë ulginor spinach urus ussar vanimella vermillion virin Walnut war-torn earth Water of Mirkwood Waters of Gladden Waters of Lorien whetstone worm´s eyes Worm heart wuchyga zuvar mushroom

  • many of the mentioned names are double entries or multiple names for the same ingredient.This is intentional as the list should represent obscure names such as would probably be found and used in in-world documents such as alchemical treatises, magical recipes or grimoirs.Occasionally the Narrator will have to decide if a special or individual item or maybe a specific sub-type or local variety is meant, depending on linguistic origin ,context or name.


Magical "potions", "elixirs" or "draughts" are only briefly mentioned in the legendarium, though technically Miruvor, limpë, Ent-draughts, water of the enchanted river or Orc liquor would count as such.Some third sources provide additional material, but even MERP or ROLEMASTER never fully fleshed out how or why alchemy works within Arda or who exactly made use of it.The above list mostly mentions some of the more rare or bizarre examples, many of which reputable wise or loremasters probably would not make use of, but which could be found among the men of darkness, wild men or maybe sorcerers, conjurers or the occasional shaman, herd wizard or woodwitch.Additional draughts, potions, ointments etc. Can of course always be borrowed from real world sources of folk-medicine , though a few ingredients maybe should be replaced with with their better known middle-earth pendants.Real world historical alchemical sources could be drawn upon to represent alchemical or magical traditions of the Black Númenóreans, Easterlings, Haradrim, or maybe even Orcs.


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