Nindalf or the Wetwang, the joining of the Anduin and the Entwash turned the region south of the Emyn Muil into a vast and tangled wetland, home to several primitive tribes of Marshmen.

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Beavers Black Bears Black Mink Deer Feral Dogs Fish Fishing Cat Frogs Gorecrows Green winged Crows Hawks Horses Marsh Adders Newt Pied Swans River Toads Songbirds Stags Turtles Waterfowl Wild Boars Wild goats


Beeches Cattail Curulot Daynet Domesticated Mudbean Elendil's Basket Fern Grabwort Larches Latha Maples Menelar Pangwood Parsnip Pines Pink Waterlilies Red Willow Reeds Scented Rushes Spruces Sweet Galenas Tyr-fira Ucason Ul-Naza Water Hemlock Wild Carrots Wild Rice Zulsendura

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