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The Nandor (W. "Those who turn back"), also called Danas or Dani (N. "People of Dan") were a branch of the Teleri Elves who, under their chieftain Lenwë (or Dan) did not cross the Hithaeglir. The Green-Elves of Ossiriand and Wood-Elves of Mirkwood and Lorien were their descendants.

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The Nandor were a relatively primitive woodland culture, hunters and gatherers who settled in small communities in forests and along river valleys. Until the arrival of Sindar among them in the Second Age, metalwork and stone buildings were alien to them.


The Nandor were small by elvish standards, sometimes even below six feet. They resembled more closely the Wild Elves of the East. They had fair or lavender or silverish, but sometimes also brownish, skin and mostly dark or golden brown hair though sandy blond and silver-white tones could also be found.


After the perishing of their chieftain Lenwe, the Nandor split in two groups. One group, led by Lenwe's son Danitharo (Denethor in Sindarin) went into Eriador and later reached Beleriand, becoming the Laiquendi. The other group stayed in Rhovanion, but some of them later eventually moved south to Gondor and near-Harad or north to Forochel; these were the Silvan or Wood-elves.


The Nandor spoke a Telerin dialect called Nandorin or Danian. After the split of the Nandor, the west-Danian dialect evolved into Ossiriandeb (also Ossiriandic, Ossiriandrin or Ossiriandish and Laiquenderin) while East-Danian evolved into Leikvian or Silvan-Elvish (with dialects such as Sîrrandrai, Galadhrin and Lam Tawaren).


The Nandor were also known as the Host of Dân, the Wanderers, Axe-Elves, the Hidden People, Singers unseen, the Kingless and the Lost Folk.

Nandor of Renown

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Genealogy of the Nandor

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