Ulundur (Q. "Monsters"), like animals, were creations of Eru. They were creatures who owed their existence to the One and his Flame Imperishable, the fire that gave life to all spirits. At the same time, these beasts no longer conformed to the original order, the Balance of Things. Instead, they had been perverted in order to serve the goals of Evil. Morgoth and his servants artificially reformed them so that they embodied new powers and transcended Fate. Problems accompanied the so-called gifts conferred upon monsters by the Black Enemy. Most could not reproduce unless bred by a controlling overlord like Sauron. While long-lived or even immortal, monsters lived in constant pain or existed in a state of unyielding anger. Although they were exceptionally strong or possessed strange and terrible power, they lacked the capacity for truly independent thought. Despite their freedom from the bonds of Fate, they were driven by irresistable instincts. Monsters were the tortured creatures.

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