The Maiarindi are the immortal offspring of Maiar who have become bound to a corporeal Fana. Many Feys are of this kind, as are the Great Spiders, the Great eagles, the Horses of Valinor, the Noble Hounds, the True Wargs and the lesser Vampires, also supposedly the Giants, Ogres and Dragon-Kind.

Known Maiarindi


Ancalagon Badger Brock's Sons Carcharoth Danuin Dior Elured Elurin Fanuin Glaurung Goldberry Great Eagle Gwaihir Landroval Luthien Lúsion Ranuin Shelob Tinfang Gelion

Secondary Works

Arthorotur Beorn Béor Bogbereth Bolvag Caran-Carach Eagoth Enna San Sarab the Gullion Gwethil Naruhel Saenathra Storlaga Unglob Vorsang Warg-King

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