The Maiar comprise the vast majority of the Ainur who left the Timeless Halls and entered Ea. When the fifteen Valar ventured into Existence and accepted wardship over the newborn World, the Maiar followed. Maia groups ordered themselves as vassals of the greater Ainur and labored according to guidelines of their Vala masters. They set about shaping Arda as the Powers directed. The Maiar s role was, as always, to aid their lords in completing the scheme envisioned by Eru. Although they serve the Valar, the Maiar share the nature of their greater brethren. They too are immortal, and they too are spirits without need of form. Like the Valar, Maiar adopt corporeal bodies to interact with Eru's Children. This enables them to perform their primary task, which is the tending of Arda. The Maiar carry their masters' word and serve as intermediaries between the Valar and lesser beings. Since their role both permits and requires them to interact with the inhabitants of Middle-earth more often and more directly than do the Valar, Maiar take form more frequently and maintain their forms (Q. "fanar") for longer periods. Their stronger connections to form reinforce their stronger links to lesser peoples. The Maiar, while born before Existence itself, share many of the pas- sions and shortcomings of the Children of Iluvatar. The number of Maiar is unknown; however, these lesser spirits make up a true and consider- able community. The Maiar are numerous enough to nurture their own societies and raise their own, magnificent war-host. Their variety is great and their tale reflects this varied character.


The Maiar serve as a link between the Free Peoples and the Valar. In turn, the Valar are Eru's representatives, the trustees of the World pat- terned by his thought. The chain bringing Eru's conceptions to fruition, then, looks something like this:

ERU (The One)
THE VALAR(The Greater of the Ainur in Ea)
THE MAIAR (The Lesser of the Ainur in Ea)
FREE PEOPLES (Elves, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits, etc.)

Although the One designed a great plan for Ea, he desired little interference in the affairs of his Children. Just as the brilliant diversity and indi- vidual passions of his Ainu servants endowed Creation with a richness and fullness of life, the myriad cultures and races of the Free Peoples have given Arda a character sparkling with infinite variety. The combination of Eru's delegation, the Valar's restraint, and the Maiar's discipline afford each tier in the hierarchy of existent life freedom. However outwardly chaotic, as long as the Balance of Things remains intact, the evolution of Eru's thought proceeds as planned. This Balance is fundamental to the Ainur's mission in Ea. Fallen Ainur, however, threaten the Balance and disrupt the chain of guardianship. Morgoth's Rebellion caused many of the Maiar to fall away from their appointed path. Some, like Aule's high servant Sauron, actually entered Arda in the service of the Black Enemy; others, like the renegade Fire Spirits (who would become known as the Balrogs), succumbed to Darkness at a later time. Each shunned Eru's conception and aban- doned any loyalty to the Balance of Things. It is this internecine strife among the Ainur that spawns the greatest plagues within Arda and upon the Children of Iluvatar. It is this Ainu infighting that serves as the most serious chal- lenge to Eru's peace.


Maiar: (Q, sing. "Maia") The lesser Ainur who entered Ea as servants of the Valar. They are also known as the People of the Valar, the Servants of Valinor, and the Servants of the Guardians. The ignorant (notably among Men) call them "Lesser Gods."The offspring of incarnate Maiar were sometimes known as Maiarindi, in contrast to their ancestors they had never been ëalar, but born incarnates, making them weaker than their genitors, though still powerful.

Maiar of Renown


Ailinóne Alatar Amillo Amnon Áriën Bruinen Danuin Eönwë Fanuin Gandalf Goldberry Ilmarë Lúsion Makar Meássë Melian Nardi Nieliqui Ossë Pallando Radagast Ranuin Sacha Salmar Telimektar Tethil Tetille Tilion Uinen Mother Withywindle

Groups: Artanor Earth Spirits Fairies Falmaríni Fire Spirits Flower Fays Folk of Tulkas Glade Spirits Hunters of Oromë Lintips Mánir Merfolk Messengers of the Valar Nandini Nermir Nixies Oarni Orossi Riverwomen Shadowfolk Shadow Spirits Spirits of Air Spirits of Mandos Sprites Súruli Tavari Úvalear Water Spirits Wingildi

Secondary Works

Aamumeren Isa Adar Rhîw Ailinóne Anorel Aru-Baito Bird of warmth Calassë Claw-shade Cuodos Daughter of the Waters Derdil the Lubber Duilwen Eath Father Wind Faemarhîn Faeneldor Fawnwiddy Faetíriel di Golu Faetaragroch Forlindaal The Ocean Sunfish The Great Shaker the Gulper Hathor Kalamirë Kól Leukë Lindion the Oronin Linuilë Mock the Trickster Morfána Mori-Kam Moss-back Pike Nenduhir Nenseldë Onak-Ji Quelbaras Rhi Helvarch Ringed Serpent S'sorr Tathariel Tavir the Y'shar Tica Tilinias Uro-Lôk Well Guardian Woodhall's Glade Spirit Yantolindo

Groups: Azhan Bulor-Ilg Colruh Djinn Elementals Faedagunath Faemarhîn Hoiten Kammekir Kelvafeär Mal'alak Nackers Návëfairë Neblins Tittarmarka Vilwarokkor

Fallen Maiar or Umaiar


Boldog of Doriath Captain of Morgoth Caradhras Dark Hunter Dúrin´s Bane Fankil Gothmog Kuruki Langon Lungorthin Miaulë Oikeroi Old Man Willow Saruman Sauron Shadow Messenger Tevildo Thuringwethil Ulbandi Umuiyan Ungolianth Watcher in the Water

Groups: Balrogs Boldogs Cat-Demons Demons of the Void Earth-Demons Fire Demons Forest Demons Gothrogs Hunters of Morgoth Ice-Demons Ogres Place-Demons Serpent-Demons Vampires Water-Demons

Secondary Works

Airatano Amarthiel Aûr Caronuial Carrog Coldagnir Cuce-Cebbar Curugûl Drul Chaurka Dûran Durlach Eloeklo Eos Erebún Erfaug Faucarach Felagrog Fercha Gaergoth Gan Gaurhir Gilthrang Gorothir Gothrog Gulavhar Gwathnor Iaurlóke Ior Jäänainen Karagat Kax Kel Lairathin  Lesh-Y Lingering Evil Thing Long Lankin Lugbol Maeguen Magurgoth Maroch Master of Malice Máugarth Mistress of Pestilence Mithia Monstrosity of diverse Shape Morgayamar Moria doom spirit Morloch Morrigan Morthrog Mourfuin Muar Muddling Annis Mugsnort Mukarg Muul Baas Naruhel Noose of the Sea Perkwell Príclís Pûgudi Rakodsaol Raukoruth Razarac Seph Slyardach Sorthog Starvar Supreme Bulor Telmorng Thaurlach The 3 Evil Sisters Thindae Tredeinos Tselakus Udûnion Ulmo´s cursed creature Umuiyau Ûpo Xarbanisan Zaken


Groups: Bandurhoth Black demons Bogies Cave-demons Clubbers Daedhil Demon-whales Demons of Vatra Devam Dindae  Êlraukar Ghouls Gorgonaurath Greylins Jungle-Demons Khia-vôl Lithrogs Mailedagnir Mal'azaud Nackers Narlthryg Nauraukar Nolly-Nackers Nush Nyarroraukar Red Demons Regmyl Root-demons Sand-Demons Sentinels Spear Demons Sphinges Storm demons Sword Demons Taurogath Voksa Warrior-Demons Water Horses Winds of Taurang Woigh Wood-Nackers

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