Lands of Lindon

Lindon was a coastal realm which encompassed all the Elvish lands west and east of the Blue Mountains.The main regions included Forlindon, Harlindon and East Lindon as well as the island remnants of the sunken lands of Beleriand.

  • Area: above 42,900 square miles.Mow water. 617,000 square miles.
  • Elevation: average. 500 feet.lowest point, beaches at the base of the chalk cliffs Felaigram (S. "Wall of Caves"); sea level at low tide and 2 fathoms below the sea at high tide.highest point. Amon Draug 1,634 feet.
  • Climate: average annual precipitator. 40-60 inches.mean annual temperature 5 0 - 6 0 ° F average low. Ninui 15° F average high. Urui 75° F
  • Composition: The remnants of Beleriand consisted of folded sedimentary rock (slate and sandstone) with lodes of iron.The Elves burned coal, which could be found in abundance in Forlindon, in their hearths on cold nights.
  • Notes: The land was covered by rugged hills divided by fertile valleys. Few remnants of the once-mighty Elven-kingdoms survived from the First Age. A light rain or mist fell most days of the year, giving the landscape an ethereal quality. Mosses and ferns throve in the cool, humid climate, blanketing the timeless stones. Trees in this region were mostly coniferous with firs and spruce especially common. Despite the dampness, Lindon was an eerily beautiful place.
  • Political Organization: Federation of Elvish Households.
  • Rulers: Cirdan the Shipwright; Gaerdae the Warden of Harlindon;Council of Lords.
  • Administrative Organization: Most affairs were handled locally by heads of noble households. Conflicts between households usually went to the court of Cirdan. Land was held in common, with the distinction between noble and commoner as one of wealth and tradition only.
  • Population: 233.000 - 17.500 Elves (mid-second Age- early fourth Age)
  • Military: 2000 Warriors and Sailors.1.600 Militia Troops.
  • Products: Ships, fish, rope, textiles, herbs.
  • Symbol: Cirdan's Device: A White Pelannun on a Blue Field.

An Elvish realm on the western edge of the continent of Endor, home to the survivors of the Noldor, Sindar, and Laiquendi (Silvan Elves) who dwelt in Beleriand in the First Age. Beleriand was broken in the War of Wrath by the magical powers of Morgoth, the Dark Enemy of the Elves, and sank beneath the sea. Lindon was the Quenya name for Ossiriand, the easternmost part of Beleriand, and the two peninsulas that made up the realm were all that was left of the subcontinent. Lindon was a closed land, for the most part, and was held in superstitious awe by many Men of Eriador. Visitors who wandered across its rather vague borders were typically followed and warned off with the minimal amount of contact by Elvish guardians, the border wardens of the realm. Those who ignored the warnings resurfaced later in a confused, enchanted state, suffering from amnesia and strange dreams. Obviously evil intruders, such as brigands, Orcs, and pirates, simply disappeared and were never heard of again. Lindon was divided into two parts by the Gulf of Lhun, which originated as a great chasm that split Ossiriand and the Blue Mountains in twain during the War of Wrath. The two halves were Harlindon, on the southern side of the gulf, and Forlindon, on the north. They were similar in geography, with a cool, humid climate and the rough, eroded terrain found elsewhere in Eriador where the powers of the world had interfered with natural forces. A mixed population of the three races of Elves had labored long years to create a safe and peaceful haven that seemed to the rare mannish visitor a step removed from the real world. The land could be addicting to mortals, which was one reason few of them were allowed within. The Grey Havens, the twin ports of Mithlond, formed the largest Elvish community in western Middle-earth and the most salient point of embarkation for Elves sailing to the Undying Lands. This was a boon they were granted by the Valar after the War of Wrath. It yielded to all the Elves of Middle-earth a chance to leave the risks and pains of a mortal world and spend their immortal lives in an untroubled, imperishable realm. Through the Second and Third Ages, a steady trickle of Elves passes into Lindon and out from Mithlond on their way into the immortal West. Cirdan the Shipwright, an ancient Sinda lord, built most of the vessels used for the voyages and provided Lindon with the little leadership it needed. He followed conservative political policies; they had the stated goals of combating evil and aiding the Elves' ancient friends, the Dunedain, while carrying out his underlying intent to keep Eriador safe for the continuing departure of the Elves.


Lindon had gained its reputation as a mysterious and perilous land in the Second Age, when it was a true Elvish kingdom ruled by Gil-galad, last High King of the Noldor. The Elves then occupied all of Eriador west of the Baranduin River. They held little desire for encounters with the other peoples of Eriador, but Gil-galad was obliged to negotiate with Men and Dwarves to ensure safe passage for Elvish travelers. Thus occured what came to be known as "The Noldo Peace," spanning roughly the years S.A. 40-1693. Despite its name, the peace was guaranteed as much by the Durinic Dwarven kingdom as by the Noldor, and it did little to prevent petty wars between the Eriadoran tribal kingdoms, unless their battles threatened journeying Elves. Gil-galad hoped to create long-term security for his sadly reduced Elda and Silvan peoples. He dreamt of finding anew the numbers, peace, and prosperity the Elves once enjoyed in Beleriand when Angband was contained. While the power and wisdom available to the Noldo kingdom was immense by Endorian standards, it was measured in the life's blood of a relative handful of survivors of the March from Valinor and the Wars of Beleriand. Wars, personal tragedies, petty quarrels, and the passage of time ate away at the source of Elvish power. The Noldor and Sindar born in Lindon might have replaced the numbers of those who passed over the sea, but never the strength, wisdom, or presence of the Calaquendi who had once beheld the light of the blessed Two Trees. The Noldo Peace was a success for sixteen centuries, until the War of the Elves and Sauron further embittered the people of Lindon and depleted their strength. For the rest of the Second Age, the Númenoreans carried the balance of power in Eriador, while Lindon grew more reclusive. The foundation of Arnor seemed to provide a second chance for Gil-galad's dreams of revival, but the terrible casualties of the War of the Last Alliance saw the death of both the High King of the Noldor and his hopes. Cirdan's reign was designed to protect such peace as might be possible for the Elves until the day came for the "Last Ship" to sail. The population of Lindon dwindled, and their influence in the affairs of Eriador waned with it


Ainur:: Arthorontur Duilwen Tinfang Gelion

Elves: Aegnor Gildan Aeneth Amaedon Amboron Andoran Pasdal Anglas Annaer Aranwe Aravesse Ardhlarem Arhin Arminas Arverethiel Badhdir Baradir Belinn Bregidh Brilluin Cadwarien Firedhel Calenlinn Caranthir the Dark Caraneth Carsilien Celeborn the Wise Ceníriel Cethwin Ciranna Cirdan Cirdur Cúgalen Curanar Denehith Denethor Dior Eluchíl Duilwen Deneloss Deneloth Denethor Dereloth Durwen Edhelion Ehtar Elboron Ruinilion Elenwen Elfaron Ringnor Ellindiel Elwing Emlin Erien Forhiriel Falvereth Fanauril Felanor Finbor Findaelin Findobar Firenion Gaerbrith Gaerdaer Galadhon son of Elmo Galathil Galdor Geliad Gelmir Gil-Galad Giliathir Gildor Inglorion Gîrael Glewellin Rhiannon Glorfindel Glorinda Guifannon Gwendir Gwidhron Gwirosel Halatir Hirgon Inglor Irlossiel Ithilbor Laegrien Laithen Legwien Limael Lir Lúthien Tinuviel Mabdegol Mabien Maethor Magoldir Maidhwen Malthir Mathil Merethorn Meril Morfinel Múrien Nimloth Uruniel Naudon Neniel Nestador Nimglîn Nimien Niniel Nóllien Nuilien Olinnis Olthor Gwédion Orchaldil Oreredh Orodriel Pariel Pelnimloth Pengolodh Rhiannon Saeros Sarnil Silfiliel Silivhir Silivnir Sûlarin Sulin Sûlor Sûlwen Taerdoron Telril Telvadar Thalos Thilgon Uineth

Dwarves: Bain I Báin of Nan-i-Naugrim Old Bair Balan Bári Beli Bodruith Bran Brar Bror Brus Redbeard Búlin of Telenaugo Daeri Dolin Dorin Drani Drar Drar II Drarin Dror Drorin Drûn Dwali II Dwálin son of Drúin Dwarri Fain Longspear Falin Fangluin Fari Frar Frilli Frûl Gamil Zirak Garin Garmur Grar Grur Hurdin Kra Mûnd Nári son of Bári Narr Naugladur Nari Narin Neli Niorri Nori Rakki Ralin I Ralin II Ralinis Ranir Rathi Rolin Ruthi Skorgrim Dourhand Snori Telchar Telphin Tharin Thorin Oakenshield Thrár I Thrár II Thrár III Thrarin Thrér Thruin Thurn Vanadin

Ents: Elmlimb Fimbrethil Limbkeeper Loblolly Palebirch Rootcouncil Treebeard

Men: Beren Ercharmion Haldad Haleth Silivnir

Trolls: Wumag


Settlements and Points of Interest

Lindon TA 1640

1650 T.A. Amon Dior Amon Draug Amon Ereb Amon Ohtar Anárostirion Ancient Orc-Camp Anghabar Angrod's Stronghold Anhamar Annon Baran Annon Lhun Annon Luin Annost Ardquetta Arkemar Avatén Azaghâl-Dûm Bar Beöra Bar-en-Lilthor Bar-i-Dinuviel Bar Irlossiel Barad Annûn Barad Caranthir Barahir's Cairn Barahir's Lair Barunor Beacon of Leinass Belegost Bór's Seat Buzra-Dûm Calembar Car Sidh Caranthir's Pass Caras Celairnen Carad Crodwelch Caras Denethora Caras Orodselch Celeb-Ost Cerin Haleth Cortéa Cor Wilishar Cuivemar Culwic Dol Ereb Dolmed Edenathrad Edennogrod Eithel Rivil Elostirion Eorlond Eredimar Eruimar Fahamgathol Falastir Forgelion Forlond Frostmere Galenros Gebir Luin Geleidhien Gelion-Linduin cascades Gobel Orod Gondlorthil Haldad's Fence Haleth's Camp Harlond Himobel Home of Amrod and Amras Home of Baran Home of Marach House of Beren and Luthien House of Deneloth House of Dior House of Eilinel House of the Wind Ice Caves I Yawemardo Imladorn Iovithil Ithilostirion Kalwa-osto Lanthir Lamath Lhundol Lond Artharan Lond-in-Telerrim Lond Nirneath Lond Telerion Lond Thalos Londalos Londolos Lossendil Lossotil Mallost Malthond Mandreth Merenost Milome-i-Tarma Mindolhendi Mindon Bron Mirimar Mirolos Mithanunnlond Mithlond Mithrhunlond Mount Foen Nan-i-Naugrim Nenglos Nibbingrod Noegrod Nogrod Nornhabar Northern Ford Nuindhae in-Ered Oloremista Olormindon Orod Elu Orod Ungol Ost Gelon Parth Ainatir Perth-an-Luin Refuge of the Feänorians Rénatén Rerir Rhomros Ringrod Roshiril Rhûmbad Sarn Athrad Sarn Castle Sauron's Abode Seldaro Shadowy Spring Sîr Haleth Stone of Túrin and Morwen Talanobel Tarnobel Tawarobel Tawartham Telenaug Telenaugo Telhar Pass Teranele Thalos Thunderhall Tir Bronadui Tir Iawen Tower of Celeborn Tower of Leinass Trenogod Tum i-Theren Tumdathar Tumnogoth Iaur Turonost Uldor's Seat Undertowers Ungolianth's Cleft Urunobel Vinyathrad Well of Rivil White Towers Wumag's Lair Zagragathol

3019 T.A.

Amon Thanc Andoloki Berghold Celondim Crookdell Dol Ringwest Drowned Graves Duillond Falathlorn Falathlorn Homesteads Festival Garden Frerin's Court Gildor's Halls Grimwater Haudh Lin Gondamon Hunter's Notch Kibil-Dûm Kheledûl Kheledûl Docks Limael's Vinyard Lunelaith Mirkstone Tunnels Nen Hilith Northern Barricade Orodost Noglond Refuge of Edhelion Rivergate Watch Mount Rerir Ringdale Rockbelly Pit Sarnúr Silver Deep Mine Southern Barricade Spire of Kheledûl Steep Plateau Tham Gelair Thorin's Gates Thorin's Halls Thorin's Hall Homesteads Thrasi's Lodge Thrushstones Treasure Field Base Camp Tum Agor Wardspire Winterheight







Aeluin Airasir Aerossîr Aingsîr Anach Andram Iaur Angbad Angílien Anerniath Annûduin Vale Aphadiath Ardhbethen Ardhlelin Artanor Arthorien Asgarhiriand Ascar Vale Belesîr Vale Bindbale Woods Blue-crags Brilthor Vale Caranthir's Pass Carbad Naugrim Cáturam Cebir Luin Celanoriand Central basin of Forlindon Cirith Celeglin Clovenvale Crissaegrim Danwaith Dimurnen Dior Valley Dor Caranthir Dor-e-Mithalph Dor-en-Aearmir Dor-en-Eithel Dor-en-Ithil Dor-en-Thuringrath Dor Firn-i-Guinar Dor-i-Certhar Dor-i-Gwendir Dor-i-Thilaihath Dor-in-Urundrumath Dor Leithian Dor Lelvin Dor Maedhros Dor Maglor Dor Tinuviel Dorthonion Duilwen Vales Dúneriador East Lindon Eastway Echoriath Edhelion Watch Elvaedhorien Elven Shores Elmoth Emyn Beraid Emyn Cûn Emyn Galen Emyn Hoedh Endhuin Ennymier Sirieth Ered Gorgoroth Ered Luin Ered Luin Low Lands Erim Barrain Erkali Undolaye Hallakale Eryn erim-Barrain Eryn Luin Esgalduin Estolad Estomar Estoiand Ethir Gelion Falas-i-Myl Falmaer-i-Lhûn Falmaer Thornen Felaigram Foen Forast Forbidden Coast Forered Luin Forgelion Vale Forlindon Forlindon Forest Forthargelion Fornen Galerant Galfalas Gebir Luin Geleidhien Gelion Vales Girdley Island Girithlin Gondobar Gorothress Greater Gelion Gulf of Lhûn Gwaelad Halfalas Harast Harered Luin Harlindon Harthargelion Headstone Island Heledhir Hithimlad Imlad Lalven Isles of the Dead that Live Ivrien Ladros Lake Helevorn Lalvenduin Lûdalf Himling Himrast Hûb Brilthor Hûb Conath Hûb Forochel Hûb Gondolin Hûb Helchui Ilávotén Ilinló Vale Imlad Lalven Imladorn Isles of the dead that live Ivrien Ladros Laigatía Lailatén Laerardhon Lalvenduin Vale Legolin Vale Legossiel Vale Leinnass Lhûn Vales Lildamar Liltardhon Lildlo Linduin Vales Little Gelion Little Lhûn Lornen Lothlann Low Lands Iauluin Luithen Luithôn Luthany Maedhros' Hills Mandiath Manosiand Men Barad Men Forlindon Men Harlindon Mirilgasir Mistvale Nadhron i-Nachar Nan Dungortheb Nan-i-Naugrim Narnhir Nellfalas Nenglos Vale Nimeithel Nimram Nogothîr Vale North Downlands Númeriador Ose's Bay Ossiriand Passes of Maglor Pelondolin Pinnath Luin Ramb Luin Ramluin Rast Lindon Ras Thornion Rast Dior Rast Elmoth Rath Teraig Rathlóriel Rathlûriel Vale Rhûdrant Vale Rhûmbad Rivil Vale Rónalindon Roshiril Thandiand Teluiand Siranwaith Sîr Díor Vale Sîr Haleth Vale Taeg Lindon Talath Annui Talath Ondren Talath Rhûnen Taras Tarthir Taur Iaur in-Enyd Taur nu-Fuin Tauron Vale Tel Uivirith Thargelion Thorin's Gate Tol Fuin Tol Galen Tol Gwareth Tol Marwen Tol Morwen Tol Ramdal Toronost Tum Agor Tum i-Theren Tumnogoth iaur Tyl Andram Tyl Lomin Tyl Wethrin Tyrn Haern Tyrn Nimrin Úveduindor Vale of Thráin Gweinlais Bronrast Weneithel Western Forests

Animal Life

Aurochs Badgers Beavers Big Seals Black-footed Foxes Blackbirds Blind Worms Blue Tits Boarfishes Brown Bear Brown Frogs Brown Owl Brown Rats Brown Shells Bush Crickets Caru Cave Bats Cave-claws Cave-crawlers Cave Hendroval Cave-worms Chaffinches Chill-winds Cliff-Hendroval Corals Corncrakes Cranes Crustaceans cuckoo wrasse Deer Dippers Dragonflies Eel Elk Elven Horses Faerych Finches Forest Cats Foulworms freshwater pearl mussel Frostmantles Giant Squid Golden Eagles Golden Toads Great Auk Great Boar Great Eagles Great Marten Great River-toads Great Swans Great Tits Grey Hill Deer Grey Squirrels Grey Whale Grey wolves Hagfish Harbour-rats Hare Hedgehogs Hermit Crabs Highland Wildcats Hill-bears Jay Jellyfish Kerry Slugs Kirinkir Lamprey Land Tortoises large-eyed rabbitfish Larks Lemmings Lobsters Losrandir Lumpfish Lynx Marsh Butterflies Marsh Harriers Marsh-Tits Milkeyes Molluscs Moorbirds Mountain Goats Nack-Spiders Newt Nightingales Nimfiara Noble hounds Nuthatchs ocean sunfish Otters Pesky Shrews Pigeons Rabbits Red Deer Red Fox Red Kite Robin Rooks Salmon Sea-Dragonets Sea-Eagles Sea-Hawks Sea-Turtles Seagulls Seals Sharks Sheep Shellfish Shrews Sickle-flies Slimy Slugs Snowbears Snow-Beasts Snow-spinners Starlings Stoats Storm Petrels Swallows Swifts Tamror Thrushes Uinendili Valebears Valecats Valeflies Walruses Warblers Water Spiders Whales Whip-tailed shark white-clawed crayfish White Foxes White Moth Wild Cattle Wild Dogs Wild Sheep willow Tits Wilwarin Windhovers Winter Squirrels Wren Wriggling Worms


Aeglos Alder Appletrees Orrain Calenhwan Beeches Birches Blackthorn Boskone Cedar Cherry Cordof Corn Spearleaf Deadly Nightshade Dwarf-wort Earth-bread Eirien Elf-flowers Elms Ferns Allweal Gladden Gwingyrn Hawthorn Heather Holly Galathrían Lâtha Lemsang Mallos Mírëtar's Crown Mosses Niphredil Oaks Orc-Plants Pines Poplar Roses Scrubs Seaweed Mornasercë Seregon Spruces Stiffgrass Thistle Uilos Willows Wine


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