Endor's herbivores fed directly on Olvar and constituted a link between the two orders of creation. Most were known as Lausimatwar, or "Leaf-eaters" (sing. "Lausimatwa"). These creatures were distinguished from other herbivorous beasts because they never ate anything other than vegetation and, most importantly, because they were outwardly passive. Oromë and Yavanna shared an interest in them, although the Huntsman's Maia servant Yantolindo (Q. "Yoke-bearer") was closest to their thoughts.

The largest subgrouping of Lassematyar were undoubtedly the Salqueamatwar, the beasts that ate grass. Notable for their elongated skulls, they had huge cheek teeth. These, like the rest of their teeth, were adapted for grass-chopping and grinding. Their incisors were chisel-shaped, while their large premolars and molars had convoluted surfaces.

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