A Dúnadan Noble Lady

The Term Dúnedain designated the "Edain of the West", the Númenóreans, although the term came out of use amongst the King´s Men and came to denote especially the descendants of the Elendili, the Númenórean Colonists in Arnor and Gondor or Dúnedain of the North and Dúnedain of the South.

The Noble Families of high-blood continued to consider themselves Dúnedain while they denominated the mixed-blooded common people as "lesser Dúnedain" or Tarkils (Haeranedain in Rhudaur). The growing racism among the Dúnadain noble-families led to many tragedies as the separatism of Angmar, the political collapse of Rhudaur and Cardolan and the Kin-Strife in Gondor.


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