Drúwaith Iaur

Drúwaith Iaur, also known as Old Pûkel Land, was a territory of Gondor which fell into a state of desertion. Due to the depopulation caused by the Plague and the resulting migrations, no Dunedain remained in Drúwaith Iaur. Scattered tribes of Dunmen and Drúedain now ruled the territory which was once administered by Gondor. The urban folk of eastern Gondor often failed to distinguish Drúwaith Iaur from the marches of Anfalas, claiming that it was nothing but the "domain of Wild Men". King Tarondor still claiméd the land, but he did not expect Gondor to resettle the territory within his lifetime, since other matters were more pressing. The few settlers who still inhabited the Westmarch to the coast viewed the region with anxiety, for in it's wild terrain they saw a possible future for themselves.


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Settlements and Points of Interest

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