Commonly known as Rushworts (or "Sotworts"), drugs were intoxicating and addictive plants,fruits or potions,many of them legally banned in most of the free realms of the Westlands, but popular in many southern and eastern cities including Umbar, which was well known for it's gambling- and sotwort-dens.Via smugglers many of these illegal enabriants found their way to the northern cities of Gondor where they were available on the black market.Several others however were used by Healers and Alchemists and could be purchased publicly.


Grelnixar Hôak-fôer Lú-y-Mîrenna Sírimo Yanta Hlianteron


Angmarean Incense Ankî Aratan Belramba Blue Eyes Breldiar Brôrkwilb Carneyar Cathâna Cathâna Nolgurth Coca Coinen Cûlan Darsúrion Dinceleb Dúrad Feduilas Gallowsweed Garîg Ondohellë Gildar Dust Gort Guldur Dust Harlindar hemp Hevîk Hûgar Kalom Turcassë Galathrían Kîrsemal Klabas Laurrë-Lily Megillos Tallassë Klandûn Maiana Megillos Merrig Mithril Dust Nelissë Olórëlassë Pentanoth Rewk Rúd-tekma Rúmareth Shírolos Silraen Silwen Oil Thindolluin Slírd Súranië Sweet Galenas Swigmakrîl Swûth Tarnas Tartiella Tûkamûr Finhereg Ur Valanár Vipersweed Wék-wék Wifurwif Yaran

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