Dogs were an ancient breed of Kelvar. They were akin to Wolves though it was not fully clear if dogs descended from wolves of if wolves (at last some of their breeds) were the descendants of wild dogs, corrupted by the Dark Lord.

Even the early Elves of Cuivienen knew wild dogs or wolves, an ancient breed, the "Ulukur", from which the "Swandêr", a breed of Dog common among the Avari descended.Some archaic breeds of dogs seem to have accompanied the Elves on their great wandering, though these may already have been great hounds of Valinor, noble and intelligent creatures that had been elevated and provided with souls by Eru.When the Noldor returned to Middle-Earth they brought back with them a few of these "Hûath".

However back in Middle-Earth several derived breeds of dog had been bred:


In later Ages many more and more specialized breeds evolved:

Individual Dogs of Note

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