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Akallin Alu Andyeth Anthennath Bacha Baith Baithri Balbush Belt Bog-Shoes Boots Brach Braith Braitha Breeches Brigandine Broz Bruk Cap Cape Carab Carma Cassa Castol Choker Clasp Cloak Clogs Coif Coll Colla Collar Cowl Crisiath Dorashak Dress eksiqilta Esgal Fân Fana Fanna Fanta Fanwa Frangaubi Garob Gloves Gown Grail Gwab Gwablith Gwathra Habach Habad Habin Halya Hammad Hammael Hamp Harn Harna Harpa Hat Helf Heleth Hemp High Boots Hood Hosse Hyapat Idanc Jacket Kalloda Kalth Kama Kapuk Karape Kasma Kasul Kirtle Koll Kullodoo Laim Lann Lanne Lapa Lappa Larma Lath Laub Laupe Lest Lesta Lhath Límen Livery Mantl Mantele Mantle Mackintosh Mirlene Múr Ôf Oilskin Ormin Pantaloons Pantyhose Patinka Pess Phanâ Phanmâ Phantâ Plaid Qilta Quilta Raiment Robe Sabots Saipo Sandals Scarf Shali Shawl Shirt Shoes Skal Skhapa Skirt Slipper Socks Sól Sollerets Solma Span Stockings String Tabard Taew Tampa Táta Telma Telme Thennath Thôl Tholon Thong Tights Tlum Toba Tôd Togli Tôl Torft Trew Trousers Tubrin Tunic Túp Usti Vacco Vaima Vaita Vakko Vasar Veil Vest Vestment vóre Waistcoat Wrap Zawarli

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J.R.R. Tolkien rarely describes clothing in Middle-Earth or at last not in detail.Some of his comments may imply that he imagined the clothes of his cultures similar to the Bayeux tapestry or arthurian times,however other elements hint to norse or antique mediterranean, even egyptian influence (the crown of Gondor for example ).Most detailed Information can be drawn from his illustrations.He drew Hobbits dressed like a mix of late medieval and early modern times (in fact a note in "The New Shadow" mentions a "Mackintosh", a raincoat not invented before the 19th century):baggy Breeches, vests, jackets, tunics or button-down shirt, belts, hats or caps made of felt.Female Hobbits seem to have worn dresses, although these are scarcely mentioned.Dwarves wear heavy (though sometimes somewhat pointed) boots, breeches, pieces of clothing similar to stockings or knee-highs, tunics, jackets, pointed hoods or cowls or jelly bag caps and hooded cloaks.Elves wore light pointed shoes, Breeches, sometimes pieces of clothing similar to stockings or knee-highs, long sleeved tunics, long Robes or Cloaks (sometimes hooded), pointed hoods or cowls similar to jelly bag caps, sometimes headbands seem to be alluded to.Female Elves wore long Raiments or Robes, sometimes obviously veils, one time a headpiece,perhaps resembling a Coif or bonnet is mentioned. Men seem to have worn clothes similar to Hobbits in Eriador (or Bree) and similar to Dwarves in Rhovanion (or Dale).Edain and Dunedain seem to have worn clothes similar to Elves, Boromir wore a cloak lined with fur.The Lake-men wore long-sleeved tunics, long trousers, light shoes and the pointed hoods or cowls or jelly bag cap which were also worn by Elves and Dwarves.Other mannish clothes mentioned are high boots, robes, tunics, hoods, breeches, vests, shirts and coats.

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