Breeland in 3019 TA


Were it not situated at the juncture of two major trade routes, Bree-land (W."Hill-Land" S."Bregiondor") would have been a simple agricultural community indistinguishable from any other in Arthedain.However, its strategic location, not to mention its proximity to Cardolan's border, repeatedly forced the region into the currents of history. The Kings of Arthedain refused to chance so vital a crossroads to the whims of a nobleman, so they kept the region a royal protectorate under the guidance of a governor until the Angmarean invasion of 1410. Then, in recognition of the courage displayed by the villagers, King Araphor granted the Bree-land the right of autonomy. Since then, the Breelanders had elected their own Mayor, who oversaw all local matters. A small royal garrison had remained in the town of Bree, but that was the only indication of the Crown's presence.



The town of Bree rested on a hill overlooking the intersection of the Great East Road and the Greenway. Three smaller hamlets off the main roads focused on agriculture, while Bree, by far the largest town in the area, had become a center for commerce and crafts. Small farms dotted the countryside. of which many stood idle since the Plague. Men and Dwarves from strange lands passed through' the King's Rest Inn regularly, but Bree retained a provincial character, and locals rarely spoke with outsiders. Despite its location within the mainstream of politics in Middle-earth, life in Bree continued as it had for centuries, as if in defiance of the turmoil in the surrounding lands.

A curious mix of Man and Hobbit composed the population of Breeland, a situation unlike any other in Middle-earth. The two races existed in harmony, even friendship. This relationship dated back to the great war between Angmar and Cardolan, when interdependence became necessary for the community's survival. To the fourth Age , the Men and Hobbits of Bree-land had divided labor between them, the Men performing heavy tasks and the Hobbits taking on smaller jobs which required greater dexterity. The Hobbits of Bree-land, unlike their cousins in the Shire, interacted freely with the "Big Folk" much to their benefit. Bree Hobbits had largely abandoned Hobbitish, their ancestral tongue, in favor of the Westron dialect used by the Men of Bree.

Bree once stood close to the center of the vanished Kingdom of Arnor. The Kings of that land chose a [[First Age]] burial site as their own last resting place. Since then, the jagged hills southwest of Bree had been known as the Barrow-downs. A great battle scarred the slopes there in 1410, during which the King and Crown Prince of Cardolan fell facing the hordes of Angmar. After the Great Plague tore through northern Endor in 1636, rumors grew that the hills were haunted by the dreadful spirits of the Edain, and several mysterious disappearances had caused many of the Wise to take notice.



Breeland in T.A. 1650

  • Political Organization: Autonomous County of Arthedain.
  • Rulers: Rory Heathenoes, Mayor.Meneldir, Captain of the Royal Garrison.
  • Administrative Organization: Elected Mayor, royally appointed Garrison Officer, other officials appointed by mayor; land divided according to private ownership.
  • Population: 80.000 Bree-men and Hobbits.
  • Military: 75 Men at Arms under royal control.200 Levy led by the Mayor or a Deputy.
  • Products: Mixed agricultural goods, market.
  • Symbol: None.

Breeland in T.A. 3019

  • Political Organization: Tribal Community.
  • Rulers: Graeme Tenderlarch, Mayor.
  • Administrative Organization: Elected Mayor, royally appointed Garrison Officer, other officials appointed by mayor; land divided according to private ownership.
  • Population: 125.000 Bree-men and Hobbits.
  • Military: 8 elected constables, 6 Gate-Wardens, 12 Watchers, 40 Greenway Sentinels, 12 Breeland Riders, up to 700 Militia.
  • Products: Mixed agricultural goods, market.
  • Symbol: None.


1650 TA: Amthol Bernar Mossy Bill Rushlight Blaith Braith the Tinker Cobman Greenwood Coldomac Tunelly Cora Rushy Cormac Daisy Heathertoe-Fernwood Drualphien Duffy Nobwood Eowic Archer Fimran Fwen Hal Broadleaf Hal Sandheaver Halfast Fernwood Ham Rushy Harry Broadleaf Helvorn Hiraen Hobson Greenhand Holly Heathertoes Effie Heathertoes Erling Heathertoes Len Broadleaf Maisy Broadleaf Meneldir of Fornost Nora Thistledew Purdin Rory Heathertoes Rose Sandheaver Rush the Peddlar Tolman Thistledew Vagibreg Will Thistledew

3019 TA: Alan Mugwort Albert Dreary Amos Appledore Ann Lilypool Barlyman Butterbur Ben Appledore Beretar Bob Thistledew Bob Wheathead Bill Ferny Chum Pearfoot Derry broadleaf Eddy Blackthorn Elmud Brushwood Grof Gwendolyne Butterbur Ham Oakbellow Henry Goatleaf Hob Haywood Idona Mark Oakwood Mat Heathertoes Ned Bushdock Ned Goatleaf Nick Underhill Nob Appledore Nob and Bob Oakwright Olive Tunnelly Otto Aster Pete Foxhole Rayf Brogan Rod Longhedge Rowlie Appledore Stem Rushlight Ted Bloom Tedder Hedgerow Tim Thistlewood Tim Thistlewool Toby Birchdown Tom Pickthorn Wickli Rainshield Willa Bloom Willie Bank


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