The Castamiri (Q."Nos Castamir") originally were the followers of the Ursurper Castamir who had taken the crown of Gondor in TA 1437.After Castamir´s death his family first took Pelargir and after that took the majority og Gondor´s fleet into possession and fled to Umbar.Castamir´s great grandsons Angamaite and Sangahyando became the rulers of Umbar and started a naval war against Gondor that was on it´s high point in TA 1634 when King Minardil was killed by the corsairs in Pelargir.After Umbardacil had retakem Umbar in 1810 Castamir´s family and followers were prosecuted and the last of his direct descendants died.1944 TA Umbar was taken by a federation of near Haradan Lords who were in alliance with Mordor and made themselves the new Lords of Umbar.In the late third Age the last "Castamiri", relatives of Sangahyando´s wife, were but one small noble family in Umbar and largely displaced by Haradan Families.

Notable Members of the Castamiri Family



Castamir of Umbar was a Captain of the Corsairs of Umbar who took part in the corsair ambush at Pelargir in the War of the Ring and was killed in Battle.He was probably named after Castamir the ursurper but since Castamir´s last descendants were killed in TA 1810 it seems unlikely that Castamir of Umbar was in any closer relationship to his namesake.Obviously Castamir of Umbar was of Haradrim descent.

At last two different men among the Corsairs were called Castamir during the war of the Ring.It seems obvious that both men were members of the Castamiri Clan, so Castamir probably was their herital family name, not their first name.


In Lotro a descendant of Castamir named Azruthor makes his appearance.He is described as a Black Númenórean Sorcerer, possibly a descendant of members of House Castamir and a black númenórean clan from Umbar.A kinsman of his, Balakhôr the Scourge, is the umbarean admiral who leads the Corsair's invasion of Belfalas.


  • Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game: The Two Towers
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