This short, squat mushroom had a bright red cap and a thick, brown stem. When collected and properly prepared, carnestad (Sindarin for ‘red healing’) neutralised diseases, broke fevers, and cleared up the bothersome symptoms of most sicknesses. The Elves of Mirkwood jealously guarded the areas where carnestad flourished. Many intruders such as Men and Orcs ventured into Mirkwood to recover as many of the mushrooms as possible. While the Men did so to sell them or make use of their healing properties, the foul Orcs seeked only to deny others access. The giant spiders of Mirkwood commonly built nests above patches of these mushrooms or lurked near them, eager to fall upon those who seeked to gather them.

Effect: After taking a dose of this herb, a character could, if having enogh stamina, recover from any diseases he currently suffered. If it failed additional doses had no effect on the existing diseases. Recovery was a gradual process which took place over the course of 1-6 days.

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