The Carn Gasadaer

Even the Hil Fferid who dared to live under the eaves of the Eryn Vorn needed a very good reason to venture inside the forest. One such reason was a strangely circular patch of gooseberry bushes about six miles southwest of Bore-Lled. Gooseberries were very popular for making jams, jellies and relishes,and the fruit from this patch was without peer. Nigh to the gooseberry patch was a thirty foot tall spire of stacked bluish stones that were not normally found in the area. The Llediu called this Carn Gasadaer, saying that it had been built by a legendary Mhaig who had once lived in the area. The cairn had already been old when their ancestors entered the region. The villagers knew that there was a chamber within the cairn and some strange engravings. The cairn had been re-explored by each generation of Llediu and the Llediu did not fear the place during the day.The Master of Bore-Lled had the area patrolled even when the berries were not in season for any secure hole in the Eryn Vorn attracted unpleasant lodgers.


Original forms in MERP:Leatha =Llediu, Bor-Leath=Bore-Lled

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