The City and Fortress of Carn-Dûm in 1650 TA




Carn-Dûm Orc-Warrens

  • Type: Citadel/Fortified City
  • Inhabitants: 60% Angmarean, 40% Orcish
  • Population: 5,000
  • Origin: First delved by Dwarves in the early Third Age; occupied by the Witch-King c. T.A. 1300.
  • Purpose: Last line of defense for the Witch-King: a base from which he plots the downfall of Arthedain.
  • Symbol: A Red Fortress on a Black Field.

Situated at the northwestern tip of the Misty Mountains, built around the exit of the old dwarven mine of Barazbizar after T.A. 1274.

Only a handful of the Free Peoples had viewed the interior of Carn Dûm and escaped alive.Both Orcs and evil Men resided in Carn Dûm,which was more a military camp than a proper city.A mighty wall protected the above-ground city ,but the subterranean halls provided an even more formidable defense.Deep within the mountain,the Witch-king schemed the demise of the Dúnedain of the North ,surrounded by the countless treasures he had seized from his enemies.

Places of Interest


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