time period
about TA 1640

Last among council of Regents of Bôzisha-Dâr was Carnén-Mêk. His duties included supervising the Caravan grounds, and he lived in the Nomad's Home. He possessed more wealth than did Tôr-Mitâri, but his prestige among his peers was low. He had alienated himself from them, although his father was well respected. He was the first member in the history of the Council to follow the path of arcane magic. Such a profession was not deemed suitable by any of the others. And his counsel tended towards the war-like ways of older days, full of violence and hate. His peers were right to be disturbed. If he were given a moment's opportunity, Mêk would take the Bôzishan crown for himself and launch the nation on the bloody path of conquest in whatever direction seemed most opportune. His meddling in magic gave birth to this unwise, secret ambition. For he touched evil and has joined the Tama, darkest of the three guilds of the city's magicians. Mêk was an introverted man, the last piece of the puzzle that made him the least popular of the Regent-councilors. And his appear- ance was bizarre; in a land of brown and black complexions, Mêk was born a pure albino. He was physically weak and could not stand bright light. Only his mind was strong. Among his conjuring friends, he was justly marked as one of the most powerful. Mêk wore robes of stark black, as if trying to draw attention to the color of his flesh and hair. He carried no weapon, but from his belt hung a baton that, rumor asserted, ended a man's life more horribly than any edge of clean steel. The House of Mêk flew a banner of pure scarlet on whose field coiled a black serpent.


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