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Carcharoth (S."Red Maw") was the mightiest Wolf of Arda.A giant Grey Wolf, Carcharoth was bred by Morgoth to slay Huan, the Noble Hound of Valinor. Morgoth took one of the cubs of Draugluin and fed him with his own hand upon living victims, until Carcharoth grew so huge that he could not fit into the dens of the great Werewolves but instead crouched at his Master's feet. Yet Lúthien was still able to ensorcel him. Later, however, when Beren and Lúthien fled with the Silmaril, Carcharoth bit off the hand of Beren that held the Great Jewel and swallowed them both. Mighty was Carcharoth, but his innards were not proof against that flame that emanated from the Silmaril. Crazed with pain, heran amok throughout Doriath, until he was finally slain by Huan in the Hunting of the Wolf. Yet the Great Hound also was killed, for Carcharoth gave him mortal wounds. After the Great Wolf was killed, the Silmaril was ripped from his belly by those who had hunted him.


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  • Borosaith
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