The Term Crocodile is sometimes used to reflect the Westron form of the Sindarin/Nandorin Carchadil, a species of archaic lizard-creature distantly akin to the Fell-beasts, also sometimes wrongly linked to Dragon-Kind.Likewise Alligator is used to translate the term "Assanga", a species closely related to the Carchadil.

Carchadili had smaller and more pointed snouts and tended to live in saltwater environments while Assangar had wider and more round snouts and tended to live in sweetwater homes.


Outer Information:

Middle-Earth Crocodiles or Assangar are more similar to prehistoric Crurotarsi, especially european Phytosaurs as the Belodon, Ebrachosuchus, Francosuchus, Paleorhinus, Nicrosaurus, Mystriosuchus, Mesorhinosuchus, Machaeroprosopus and Leptosuchus may be possible models but also Aetosaurs, Paratypothoraxes, Stagonolepis and Aetosaurs and Paracrocodylomorpha may be possible inspirations.

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