Caradhras, Celebdil and Fanuidhol

  • Type: Mountain
  • Elevation: 16,002 feet
  • Geographic Area: Hithaeglir
468px-Passofcaradhras map

Pass of Caradhras -Western Entrance

Caradhras (S. "Redhorn"; Kh. "Barazinbar") was the tallest of the three great peaks which rose above Moria. Unlike the neighboring mountains, Caradhras was not a tame grey; rather it was composed of an uplift of pink igneous rock. Normally, it reflected the rays of the sun at dawn and at sunset and, when the sky permitted, took on a fiery color.

Places of Note


The Ice-caves

  • Ancient Ruins
  • Great Falls
  • Great Ravine
  • High Mine
  • Ice-Caves of Caradhras
  • Narrow Corridor
  • Pass of Caradhras
  • Redhorn Snowfall
  • ruined Bridge
  • Small Caves
  • Stone Bridge
  • Tâl Caradhras
  • the Tarn

The Spirit of Caradhras


The Mountain Caradhras was home to an ancient spirit of cold.Originally the Spirit of Caradhras was an Ice-Demon and Lord of Winter within Morgoth's realm, but with the fall of Utumno he fled to the Hithaeglir eventually abandoning his old Fana und melted with his abode, becoming a Bandurog or Place-Demon. In essence, the mountain was a sentient being; it was virtually always asleep and effectively blind and deaf by mannish standards, but was capable of affecting the substance of its own mass and the air around it using what mortals would have consider to be magical means. The spirit of Caradhras had little interest in the events of the world, and typically undertook to think and act only when prodded by powerful sorcery. The only grudge it carried was against the Dwarves who were digging at its roots to obtain the rare metal mithril. The Khazad were careful not to speak ill of the mountain while they were working under it or traveling over it. They kept their mining tunnels within Caradhras small and clean of debris. It was considered the best policy among the Dwarves to do nothing to gain the mountain's attention. Sauron,Galadriel, Saruman, Gandalf and Durin's Bane all knew what Caradhras was, and had attempted to manipulate the mountain with their magic. Caradhras did not like to be bothered, and he was not so much evil as simply very old and very bitter. He almost never used his power in a direct attempt to kill a troublemaker, and caused himself pain with landslides and cave-ins only in the most drastic of situations.


  • Caran-rass


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