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A Captain is a leader of men. A Captain may be a captain of troops or Soldiers, a Warleader or Warlord, a Chief, a Ship captain, the headman of a Guild, or a Castellan.

In Sindarin the term equivalent to Captain was Gwaithor or Hothron. In Quenya it was Hesto.

Among the Hobbits the Thain or master of the Shire-moot was the captain of the Shire-muster and the Hobbitry-in-arms.

Captains of Renown


The Captain is a playable elite Order in LOTRRPG and a playable class in LOTRO. Rolemaster has similar classes such as the Armsmaster, Cavalier, Champion, Diplomat, Grand Vizier, Leader, Noble Warrior, Theocratist.


In MERP the title captain may refer to:


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