At the tip of the peninsula dividing the Bay of Desolation from the Forsaken Sea stood a great promontory which bore no other name than that of its sole, dread occupant. The ice-drake Canadras laired in a cavern whose innards had been shaped by the Snow-elves in the distant past. Some said that this was once the palace of K'elektor himself, before the Snow-elves journeyed north to found Helloth, and that it contained works of beauty beyond compare. Whatever the truth of such tales, the Lossidil had abandoned the dwelling long before Canadras came upon it. Many of its splendid ice sculptures remained intact in spite of the incidental damage they have suffered from the dragon's comings and goings (Canadras had little eye for art.), though only in the most distant and unexplored recesses of the caverns did the sculptures and frescoes of the Lossidil retain their pristine splendor. The entrance to Canadras' lair opened onto a cliff-face overlooking Ekkaia, some sixty feet above the waves. A rock-cut path once wound its way down the cliff from above, but Canadras had managed to tear sections of it away so as to discourage uninvited guests.

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