One of the crudest Elves ever to walk Middle-earth,

Cambëtyelca (Q."Swift hand";swAv."Cambâlim";S."Cambragol") went with his Noldo brethren to recover the Silmarils, but Middle-Earth only awakened his lust for power. He was quickly seduced by Morgoth and became one of Sauron's lieutenants. There can be little doubt that Cambëtyelca assassinated Drul Chaurka, his predecessor ruler of Mírërotto. "The Priest" consolidated his position in a manner which would have made the Black Enemy proud. One of the most physically powerful of the Noldor, Cambëtyelca utilized and corrupted the unarmed combat skills he originally learned from Tulkas. He turned killing into a brutal art. The Priest, being of the house of Finrod, had goldenblond curly hair and blue eyes. Tall and muscular of build, Cambëtyelca was a truly imposing presence.


  • Karol Dekdarion


OrigInal name in MERP:Cambragol =Cambëtyelca =Cambâlim

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