Calenardhonian Riverman encountering a Mewlip

The Calenardhonians or Calenardhons were the old populace of the gondorian province of Calenardhon before it was given to the Eorlingas and renamed Rohan.

The Old Calenardhonians were largely the descendants of Númenórean settlers, mostly stalwart herdsmen from Emerie ,and indigenous Daen, mostly descending from the Mountainmen or the Mabion Bran, but later also a growing number of intruders from Dunfearn and Northron Settlers. After the land-taking by the later Rohirrim the small rest of the remaining indigenous populace largely melted with the newly arrived Northmen, parts of them forming the Angrenostim (the mixed populace of the Nan Cúrunir) and the folk of Westmarch, which quickly came under the rule of the local Healfblod Nobility.


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