High in a remote hill valley Of northern Tolfalas lay the strange Structure known in ancient Daen lore as the Caichail Pûchel. Little was known Of its origins, save that it was built by the Drûghic Chieftain Mîn-ura-Mîn "Maraich" of Daen legend sometime during the last years of the First Age. Even less was in known about its location, for the Men of the Coastal Island were unaware that the ruin in the north of their isle held any significance. Only a couple of Tolfalas' Rangers and a handful Of Marshmen from the Ethir Anduin even knew the place existed.

Daen-Loremasters told tales of men who, for love of adventure or promises Of wealth once sought to trespass the boundaries of the Caichail Pûchel long ago. They said that no man ever returned from the site, yet the stories themselves contradicted this Statement. They told of stone statues that walked as though alive, of chilling voices coming from solid Stone walls, and of gold and jewels hidden down deep passages. Rich treasures colored their stories, wealth beyond imagination! Either the tales were fabrication or someone actually explored the site sometime in the past and returned to tell Of it. Whatever the case, much was said of the place, despite the fact that no one seemed to know where it stood.

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