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Caióde son of Harúth Taskral was a Haradron commander of Near Harad who once fought and survived the War of the Ring. Before his promotion to commander, he served as one of King Qamara's loyal captains and served as part of the Haradrim forces that invaded Eastern Gondor months after the start of the war. After returning home for a while, he marched north towards Ithilien with large garrison of Haradrim warriors that serving as reinforcements. However, a legion of Ithilien Rangers led by Faramir ambushed the entire garrison and Caióde was badly wounded when an Ithilien Ranger shot directly in the left shoulder. He was carried away by a group of his warriors that survived the battle and retreated back down south towards Harad.

After the war ended which resulted the final destruction of Sauron and the One Ring, Caióde was promoted to the rank of commander of his forces at the beginning of the Fourth Age. He continued to hold a grudge against the Gondorians and continued hostility towards the kingdom along with many other Haradrim tribes while those were planning to make peace. This openly led to a civil war in Harad in which Caióde actively took part.

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