Caerlinc was a middle-aged man with a square face, prominent nose, black hair, and thick eyebrows. A lesser Dúnadan, he held a grudge against the society that pushed him into the role of peasant farmer, despite his four years of proven ability in the Royal Army. Caerlinc often supplemented his family's meals with game hunted in Taur Ithilien. After the loss of the Morannon and the spread of chaos through North Ithilien, he elected to provide safety for his wife and children by casting away from common society, isolating themselves in the forest of Henneth Annûn, and himself adopting life as an unofficial bandit, burgling supplies and foodstuffs for his family and eventually inducting his children as his partners. Caerlinc's approach to banditry was more principled than that of many, and he would not kill anyone who surrendered. He preyed the Morannon as well as its eastern road to Dor Rhûnen. It had proven lucrative, but the Orcs of the Green Claw eventually slew him.


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